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Out 860.00 ripped off *** artist judithsbookofshadows new title judithsbookofripoffs I was foolish with my money no refund I found out seller runs a scam shill bidding ring professional *** artists looked up feedback did investigation the feedback yours truly friends and family look it up one or two collectors buy meta items the rest is stage judithsbookofshadows put me in touch with buyers fed me a line of bull *** stage *** job and biggest scam going judithsbookofshadows was suspended for shill bidding she claimed she was sick she coached friends and relatives to bid and leave feedback judithsbookofshadows funnels listing fee back by claiming mutually withdrawn seller practices more bids it must be better scam problem bidding against seller’s friends and family the Wicca community in WI never heard of seller very strange the lady is a scam artist sent one of her victims a tapped envelope claimed to be a refund judithsbookofshadows claimed the money was stolen better off getting my lotto numbers from a fortune cookie funny thing bad luck has landed on my doorstep since involved with judithsbookofshadows listen and learn if it sounds to good to be true yadda yadda yadda I skipped posting a feedback I can kiss my 860.00 goodbye I may be a fool who’s going to heaven judithsbookofshadows is going where the sun don’t shine



now there guy name derek snead that he made real time machine that power with a black stone


now he built time machine went back to save her


you people dont have worry about that girl court to her husband she built a real time machine when back in time to one milllion years got kill she built time machine for me


you people dont have worry about judithsbookofshadows the girl took lot people money has built a real time machine for me test it and went back one million years bc and got kill by dinasaurs that what husband say to me on my e mail let god be with her forever robert.

L'olleria, Valencia, Spain #15240

horrible woman ripped me off for over one thousand dollars lottery numbers no winner seller informed me there would be no refund shill bidding scam artist judith I'm in the process of filing a claim and I'm contacting seller's state to see if judith is reporting her loot to the IRS judith paypal cooperates with the IRS I'd settle for 2/3 of my money back contact me I'm not rich judith you knew I was in desperate need judith how do you sleep I'll give you one week I want my money back look up this horrible seller auctions false claims uncle sam is looking for you judith I'm reporting the money I'm out to the IRS should have known better

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